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At the moment, all readings are done by distance via email with the option of mp3 recordings for selected sessions.

After purchasing a session, email your question to me using this link or the contact page.

Read more on booking a session, how it works and frequently asked questions.



NEW SESSION - limited edition!

intuitive oracle or tarot card readings

For a limited time I will be offering a 3 card intuitive message using oracle and tarot cards. I will choose from the deck I feel guided to work with offering images and a detailed divinely inspired message from a soul perspective. Ideal for specific questions or for those who prefer this method of divination.





Bringing through a little heavenly insight, this 10 minute session offers a channeled message giving you a succinct response with a quick turnaround of 48 hours or less. Either ask a brief question or let the angels choose the most appropriate message for you at this time. A great option for speedy advice. Available in written or audio download format.




One question deep-dive channeled reading

Submit your question and I will connect to your guides through my own personal team to help you better understand the broader perspective of that which you are asking. Receive a beautiful uplifting fully channeled reading direct from spirit; of pure, positive energy that will speak straight to the heart. I will channel for 30 mins giving a deep soulful reading. Delivery within 3 working days. Available in written or audio download format (please specify on request).



Animal Communication


Animal Communication



new session now available!


intuitive healing and communication sessions


It’s my honour and pleasure to connect with your animals, and as an initial service in this section, I will be offering an energy healing and message combination session.

I will start by scanning the chakras to look for any blockages or imbalances within your animal companion.

Using Reiki and angelic/galactic assistance, I will cleanse and balance the chakras, sealing them with divine love and light and reiki symbology.

After, I will ask your animal for a message for yourself; or if you wish, I will propose a question for answering that you have specified. It’s worth noting that each animal has a very distinct character of their own; some are very outgoing and talkative, whilst others are more reserved. You are, I’m sure, already aware of the nature of your own animal companion and so their personalities will likely come across in the way they address your question.

Information regarding any areas that were addressed will be noted and sent to you via your email to conclude the session.

These sessions are customizable and can be used as you wish; either focusing more on healing or more on communication.






The healing and communication package takes place by distance and all findings of the session are sent to you via the email provided within 5 working days.

To book, please email your question and a photograph of your animal. I will then schedule your session and confirm this to you by return. To confirm this booking, you will then need to click on the paypal button above to purchase your session. Sessions are 100% non-refundable*


*All sessions are conducted with the express permission of the animal as per my animal communicator's code of ethics. If the animal refuses to communicate or accept healing, I will advise you immediately and offer a refund, as their word is final.


For any further questions or more information on the session, please feel free to use the contact form or email me.


I wanted to thank you again for this amazing service you offer - Animal Healing and Communication. We’ve had Bartholomew for about 2 years now and he’s always been a bit anxious. Since your healing about a month ago, Bartholomew has changed so much. Before the healing session, he was crazy dog running from window to window in search of the next squirrel, bird, or neighbor’s dog. Your insight and reading has helped us understand him better and how to deal with his anxiety in a positive manner. He’s playful but yet very lovable. He is now content to sit next to us with a paw on our lap as to say thank you for giving me a wonderful home. The one thing he needed and always wanted.

Thank you so much from Bartholomew and me!
— Beata
Marina is an amazing talented intuitive. Her gifts are truly remarkable and one of a kind. I had two animal communication sessions that brought healing to myself and others around me. She read my dog who explained to her what he desired from me and also advised his purpose in my life. Marina also gave the most beautiful message from my beloved Bella, who crossed the rainbow bridge three years ago. I did not expect to receive an actual karmic healing in the message. All of her messages have been genuine, heartwarming and above all - divinely guided. I recommend her services without hesitation and have already recommended her to others. Thank you Marina, you are a gem! Your abilities transcend lifetimes.
— Chayla
Marina has an amazing gift. She communicated with my two dogs and their personalities and interests really came through. At the end of the sessions, Marina was able to deliver personal messages from my dogs and these meant so much to me. It was really wonderful to receive these beautiful messages from my close loved ones who I can’t normally “communicate” with and I feel that this strengthened our bond. I was so happy with my animal communication messages, I went ahead and booked a channeled message as well. Thank you Marina!
— Brittany