Hello and welcome to The Ointment Jar


Have a deep interest in all things spiritual?

Want to know how to tap into that infinite wisdom on a consistent basis?

Looking to live a life more in alignment with your true purpose?

Want to harness the power of universal energy to create the life of your dreams?

Eager to learn to connect with your own team of personal guides and angels?

.... then you’re in the right place!


Together with our friends in spirit, we can co-create a life of abundance through understanding what the nature of our being is here on this beautiful planet, and how to align with the awesome intelligence that is all around us.


It’s time to get to know about our purpose here; how we can in alignment with that, and how to have an the most expansive experience possible.


I’m delighted to hold this space to discuss all things energy, spiritual and how this connects with our actual daily experience of this amazing energy called life!


Let’s begin….