Energy Healing and Balancing


An energetic cleansing and balancing of the chakra system is a must and will allow these powerful energy centres to come into alignment and along with it, your physical and mental wellbeing.

We have over a hundred chakras around the body and over 7,000 nadis (energy pathways) around the body, but our seven main energy centers and the balancing of them, make a significant difference to an individual.

Benefits include:

Gaining more focus and mental clarity

Relieving physical aches and pains that are being held within the body

Giving relief from negative feelings, anxiety and guilt

Increasing sense of vitality and feelings of wellbeing

Instilling an ability to trust your intuition and receive insights

And many more...


Your Session:

Each session includes a combination of visualizing through clairvoyance, balancing with intention and pendulum work in unison with the angelic realms and reiki, for healing and sealing the cleansing.

A full diagnosis of the main chakras begins the session to identify any blockages, closed or over active chakras via the energies present. 

I then work with the angelic realm to cleanse, balance and heal; sending any non-beneficial energies for transmutation.

The re-aligned energies are finally shielded in divine white light, along with the green healing ray of Archangel Raphael and the blue light of protection given by Archangel Michael.

Information regarding any areas that were addressed will be recorded and sent to your via email to conclude your session.


*These sessions are available for both human and animal healing. Read more about my animal communication sessions.


Booking Your Session:

Each session is conducted by distance as, once permission is granted by yourself, your energy is accessible from anywhere. A person's vibration and current alignment is perceptible to me and by others who can read, see or feel energy.

Simply reserve your session by clicking the button below. After you have sent your payment, you will receive confirmation that it has been received, and I will schedule time (1 hour) to complete your session; including recording findings which will be sent to you via the email you submitted, within 5 working days.

Sessions are 100% non-refundable.

For any questions or more information on the session, please feel free to use the contact form or email me direct.