Code of Ethics

I strive to maintain a heart-centered business that delivers meaningful, transformative results to each of my clients.  In line with this, I adhere to the following Code of Ethics.

For all services:

  • I bring my whole self–my gifts and strengths as well as my imperfections and limitations–to my work.
  • I complete each reading with the intention of serving the client’s (and their animal’s) highest good.
  • I treat my clients the way I’d want to be treated if our roles were reversed.
  • I maintain healthy boundaries and tend to my own self-care so that when clients hire me, they’re getting me at my absolute best.
  • I respect my clients’ privacy and confidentiality and will only use or publish information about them with their express consent.
  • I read only for and about people who directly request a session from me, or for their own animals.
  • I read only for individuals who are 18 years of age or older, unless their parents or legal guardians provide express consent.

For animal communication sessions:

  • I uphold high standards of respect and safety while interacting with animals–both physically and intuitively.
  • I recognize that in communicating with animals, I am channeling words, visions, and vibrations so that my clients can try to make sense of them.
  • I report all messages received during readings regardless of how I expect my clients may react to them.
  • I respect that both my clients and their animals possess free will to choose their thoughts and action steps.
  • I describe physical and emotional sensations only so that clients can consult with veterinarians and animal behaviorists who are qualified to address the issues.

For all other intuitive services:

  • I respect that my clients possess free will to choose their thoughts and action steps and that these thoughts and action steps will ultimately influence their outcomes and, therefore, a pre-determined future does not exist.
  • I offer my clients insights on present energies and pathways to desired outcomes so that they may make their own decisions.
  • I refer clients to licensed professionals for health and mental-health related questions; to bankers, accountants, or tax advisors for financial questions; and to attorneys for legal questions.  (But I will offer readings on how these clients can best navigate the spiritual and emotional struggles of these situations.)

I am one of many intuitive coaches in the world and every intuitive coach has his or her own style and personal rules that are in no way inferior or superior to how I choose to practice in my business.  If I cannot fulfill a client’s needs without compromising my Code of Ethics, I will advise that client to seek a different intuitive coach who may be a better fit.