Today we will talk about non-blocking, about resistance. Again the reason we are here is to grow and expand and the tools are there within each of us to create our reality through thought and associated feeling, into a happening that we either like or don’t like. Either way we are moving forward, and the stagnation is what is to be avoided. Your soul can be miles ahead of you waiting for you to catch up… allow that to happen.


We welcome you into an area of presence, safety and security. Really allow you thoughts and feelings to be guidelines for you. Markers that point you in the right direction and take you home to that bigger part of you that is always in spirit, always guiding you.


The only thing stopping you is your own resistance towards a subject area. Do you hold doubts around this area? Really, truly are you fully open to the abundance of life or do you feel you ‘don’t know how to get there’? If we could eliminate a phrase from your limited language it would be ‘I don’t know’. For this just keeps you stuck. Immobile. Abandonment, not knowing where to reach for the truth; it keeps you looking outside of yourself. And why wouldn’t it?... remember ‘you don’t know’ so what is the point in asking yourself?


But it is that inner belief and determination to relax that will allow this peace and internal forward momentum. You need to take time to quiet the mind in whichever way suits you. It doesn’t actually have to involve you being quiet, just being free from repeated tangled thoughts that buys your mind and show you only what you already know.


So how do you move to what you don’t yet know you know? You need to free up some space in your mind. Number one. You need to allow yourself the luxury of looking after yourself. Treat yourself to five minutes alone, a walk, a massage, a guided meditation, 5 minutes chanting or ohming… or whatever brings you pleasure. This, is on a regular basis, offers a break in momentum and a new focus to attract like energy, like vibration.


All any any gifs to you soul can be interchangeable and are ways to raise your vibration; lift the heaviness, and feel the lightness. It is always the simplest things that help achieve this. That connection with what does it for you, even briefly, will start to lift you. When you lift, you shift – and that brings in positive changes.


This is number one – this is the first thing to get into a habit of; a repeated way of being.


It can bring you only love, when you treat yourself with respect and deserving of gifts of time, money, love or whatever it is you give unto yourself. If you do not experience the receiving of unconditional love… you would not know it if it were tapping you on the shoulder. You need to familairise yourself with that feeling, for how else will you know it when it comes knocking?


You are deserving and you need to fulfil this worthiness by giving to yourself. Love and time, however little, on a regular basis will give you the headspace you so dearly need.


The simplest things are sometimes the most profound. You do not need permission to dedicate some of your brain space to you and you alone. Quiet time with your mind, is the key to fashioning anything into reality. It really is as simple as that.


No more reasons to not give to yourself. For you must first learn how to be a receiver of all that you wish and to overcome any self-imposed boundaries. You must be the first to do that. You alone can redress the balance. The best gift you can give yourself right now, is to set that in motion.


Love thyself is a term widely known, but then blown off as some new age ‘wouldn’t it be nice’ phrase. It is important however, and it is important that you act now. In good grace and faith, make your well-being your priority. Having a sense of love, peace and wellbeing is fundamental to any growth. Give time to yourself today. Quiet time in your mind, in whatever way is pleasing to you. To clear the mental fog, to gain clarity; this is a start, this is the way to begin to allow the avalanche of good out there, to inflow into your life.


Try every day… for any amount of time you can allow yourself or manage. You will be starting a formation – a formation of a better feeling, high energy around you. Higher energy lifts your vibration to where the good that is waiting for you, can become a reality - instantly.


All you need is to spend more of your waking time in the good feeling place. Even very little time a day, will start to lead you along this path of abundance, for that is your birthright. You must start the ball rolling, be your own best role model and give to yourself. Without hesitation, without expectation. Just do it. For it is the way of forward momentum, and away from the ‘stuckness’ that is so prevalent in your society.


This is a message of wisdom and of self-preservation. Cleanse your energy daily with positive thoughts about your life and your being. You are special. You are universal energy within a physical body and you a focusing mechanism. Do unto yourself as you would like others to do unto you.


That is your task.


Move forward today and enjoy the unfolding process of life.


We are grateful for this opportunity to communicate with you. We bring you our love and joy and remind you that you deserve it... and that you can give yourself love at any time.


Be that vessel of divine energy and move towards a better feeling place.


We are the angelic realms

With love and light, it is done.