* Note: I asked a question to one of my own cats about where they come from and their purpose here on earth. The message came through my cat via the energy of the animal realm.


Our souls are here for growth like yours and as such we are on a journey to expand and avoid extinction like your species. We also appreicte and hope for intercommunication.


Of course our souls enter into the body through the crown like yours – our chakras and 12 strand DNA are very active. The vortexes guide us instinctively and that is the way we live - to move with the collective, and we are indeed more intune in that respect. 


We are from the Sirian Orion belt - within the asteroids are planets and suns and galaxies to which we belong, so whilst we are of the same light we are of a different ascendant and descendant. This makes our energy usable for much different purposes within your planet. Purposes of only holding vibration, carrying frequency and supporting mankind at this time. Through this ascension into the 5th – as your feet will not even touch the ground in the 4th.


We are here and always have been, to remind you of your ascension path, of where you came and how you can anchor those rays into your current reality at this time on earth. This is of great, neigh enormous significance now, that you even chose to communicate and that you are working at one, along with others, melding emotions and energies to communicate on a less familiar freqenncy with the animal kingdom who are far more instinctual creatures than yourselves.


We are not swayed by the duality in the way you are even though we have choice in our physical incarnation; to eat, to walk to sleep. It is not a choice on our purpose. We are solely here to connect and hold the frequency, and anything that can support that is helpful and welcome in the ascension process.


I asked: What can we do to help?

Be kind; be kind to the animal kingdom, for we are all here with such great reverence for our turn on this planet. We, in our reality, know very well our purposes and place. There is no peer struggle, no initiatives to highlight causes, we simply accept our reality for we have chosen it and do not forget as you people do.


You can regain that connection and momentum through purposeful mindlful connection. Through time in nature and connecting with whichever animal you feel drawn to. There is much to learn from an animal; their elegance, their grace, their purposefulness… everthing without an agenda, without the self as the main priority. We are the true epitome of being here to serve; to serve the planet, to serve each other. We are willing to be who we are – there is no confusion, there is no hiding.


What can you learn from an animal today about your true nature; about being true to yourself? About being part of a wider collective; about being graceful and accepting your part in a connected universe. This is the true connection that you are all looking to make. You can never feel alone again when you are connected to each other in the one purpose of being human.


In that capacity you share a joint future, a one manifesto, a collective energy that has not been felt for some thousands of years on your planet.


When Egyptians built the pyramids, do you think they were all arguing over who is doing what? Or simply allowing themselves to be guided by the star and starseed energy from whence they came, and all acting in pure divine unison. It was one: one effeort, one goal, one focus to feel that connection. And it is that connection that makes us whole and will make your kind whole again.


We ask that you all revisit what you think is going on with this planet and then do it again quietly, with what you 'know'. That inner sense within you that you know to be true.


What do you know to be true today, what laws stand now regardless or where you come from, what you have or what is outwardsly going on. There are laws that govern this universe - but we no longer like that name, as it gives rise to feelings of control and authority. We like you to use choice in selelcting what mission you are on and following that through. If you do, you will very quickly find like-minded people and a worldwide, then universal, network. Once you tap into that, your golden age will be upon you and your healing can begin in earnest.


This is a wonderful expedition that we have all been sent on… a journey of discovery like no other. You will never get the opporutinty to live through this time in our cycle again.


This is it. The one everyone sent energy and projected forward into. This is it. Don’t let this opportunity slip by. Look to the animal and nature kingdom daily, we implore you. There is no struggle there… things happen in seasons, intuitively, exactly as they are meant to. In flow, without force.


We all know we will return from where we came - to the light. This opportunity is for the light to be surrounding and penetrating this earth. Above all else. Holding humanity and our non-human family in one love forwever.


It can be done. The satisfaction of turning this planet around and being part of its greatnesss is unmissable. This is playing out throughout your society now. People talking of making parts of the planet ‘great’. Finding great leaders, influencers. Yet they are stuck in their three dimensional reality. Only looking towards their own greatness in the eyes of others.


We ask you to draw from the energy portals that are very active right now, even in your sleep if that is your only free time, for downloads and guidance about what really is great and meaningful now. Not what you are told, but from where you can discern and feel from your inner knowing and that which you feel around us; the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom.


There are many layers and some can see these. The more you can see, the more you have to reflect on and observe. Your answers towards a better tomorrow are right there. Your tomorrow is simply the moments that follows this. Take it step by step and allow yourself to project your energy ahead of you into something that feels at one with humanity's mission on earth.


We leave you now in love our light.

The animal realm (and Toffee, my cat)