Where do whales come from? What is their purpose here on earth?


I am connected with El Morya from Orion energies… The cetaceans have us here to hold their energy and light. There is sadness around their community of high vibrational energy just now, as they watch the conflict, fear and hate being demonstrated around your planet. This beautiful green and blue earth is meant to be held in love. This becomes increasingly hard as your people hold it in negativity. We can patrol the seas but when the green of land is in opposition it makes it harder for us to be heard, for our vibration to be felt and absorbed and to assimilate.


Our purpose on earth is to hold the energy as your world moves from 3rd to 5th dimensional in nature… where all things will become one. Loving in unison and harmony with respect for all creatures – man or beast.


Our channel through her dreams was shown a mutation going on around the form of some creatures in the water. We demonstrated that through us, as we are the largest, however at a deeper level there is some genetic mutation happening due to pollution, due to engineered sound waves and vibrations that conflict with ours. Our brothers are confused as to regions they should settle in. The rising tides, the warmer sea temperatures; it is not the perfect eco-system it once was.


Please make way for the energy of Arcturus and Lemuria to resurface and to connect with all through the fluidity of ocean and air and energy vibration of your planet. You can do this by ending unnecessary war over land as none of you are here to claim ownership – everyone is led by this overriding need to take a piece of something, own a piece. There is separateness within this flawed theory, when only togetherness can really bring through what is needed.


There is a common theme here; and more division is set to enter… but… there is a spiritual mass awakening and this will come through 2016/17 from our starseed brothers and sisters. They will deflect the focus of your people with something undeniable yet inexplicable… a time for miracles and conjecture on how it is possible. Those who are awakened will say ‘I see’, those on the cusp will awaken, and yet many more will question ‘how and why?’


This is a complete shift, as strong as a shift in polarity, a strong magnetic force through your thoughts and free will, being taken in a very different, altogether more positive direction. You will once again have things in common with people from another culture, as a bigger event draws you all into a collective oneness, giving people a bond a feeling; of belonging that they have only achieved thus far by wanting and/or claiming a ‘piece’ of a collective. Their 'piece' to hide and do as they please with, yet ultimately causing separation as this piece of system did not work for totalitarianism – or for bringing together humanity. It forced a breed of have and have nots. This starts a ladder… some at the bottom and some at the top.


From our Orion energy light that shines down, we aim to hold a vibration of unity. For we in the oceans have a strong eco-system where everything knows its place and where everything can live in harmony, until fear, panic or paranoia invades our space, which it is.


Our brothers in the universe bring through the energy from where we came while we move through this fluid expanse to bring it to each of your separate nations. Yet very little care is given to our environment, and if we go, a certain ‘piece’ of this energy does.


We urge this separateness to be stopped. For it’s an avoidable truth. Let it not be your truth.


We thank you for your connection.

We hope to spread unison again.

Our energy is strong, let it be.

It is one.

We are Orion energy system.