Dear Ones we come to you from the Sirius star system… we are here to transmit love and light and to hold your planet in positivity for years to come and ask all that can hear us to bring in and anchor this light within earth.

Within your solar system, to steady for uncertain times in the psyche of man until such a time comes when all of humanity awaken to alignment. Likely in 2030 most of your children of those who are young, will live to experience this and bring the light through this incredible transition.

They are those who will be the front-runners and forebearers, for the have the key of moving from the old to the new. They will forever be pivotal in the evolution of man and you are asked to nurture any leanings towards a spiritual life for those who show a willingness to integrate from this stage.

To lead the way by absorbing our energies and those of higher realms. A willingness to carry our message of peace in all that they do; in whatever life choice and career they make, for through any outlet you can spread the message of peace, love and light and we encourage them to do so.

They are the key to a new dawning of humanity and all focus should be put on holding them steady and instilling a belief that they are indeed receiving higher spiritual guidance; with a focus on them finding a way to follow through their beliefs and receptivity to allow this to channel through to the earth.

Channel through your loved ones, how you are beginning to receive. Yet for them, it will be second nature – not consulting a third party but being in a state of peace and total allowing so trusting every time, that what they are receiving is the truth.

They will know it to be so, as each time they are guided and follow through, a result, a superimposed marking will happen before them… in such a way that they are in no doubt they have been heard and questions, wishes and desires acted upon. Such is their open hearts that they will use this for good, not solely to profit individually like what is happening now.

Be under no illusion though that giving in the highest and brightest way possible, will return to you 10, 100, 1000 fold, for there is no stopping the universe returning to you the light you put out there. That is the law.

For this we are grateful and leave you now to re-align with your purpose and encourage your brothers and sisters who feel a similar compulsion to desire the brightest and highest outcome for humankind.

For we are all one. In love, we are together in time.

Peace abound, and God’s one love we share.

We are Sirius.