So, you may have noticed that the forecast is a little late this month… and a little different. Something unusual happened when I went to do my monthly energy forecast.


I set up my computer as normal. I recorded the intro. I sat quietly and invited source and the highest beings of light to channel through me, and went to work.


It was an interesting 25 minutes of fast paced conversation with lots of hand-gesturing (which is new for me). After I wrapped up, I opened my eyes to find my earphones/mic on the table… rather than in my ears, and the computer not recording. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!


You see channeling is not something, I can ‘kind of get the gist of’ and re-record. It is spontaneous. It is unplanned. It is not my thoughts.


I’ve been very conflicted over the last couple days, whether to start again or to take it as a sign that to this month’s channeling should be done in a different way.


As there was no real explanation for what happened, I’ve decided to go with the flow and opt for an alternative method this month.


Sooooo, I decided to crack open the Archangel Gabriel oracle cards. He is the messenger Archangel after all, so who better to help us out!


I always choose three cards and with the topic of how best we can hold our own energy during this month of November 2016, this is what was revealed.



So in our first card, we are given the message to stay true to ourselves. Now, as we know from the past few months, the energies have been quite intense and we are still building on a crescendo of the 9 energy… remember this is a 9 year – a year of completion.


As these poles – in our lives and the wider world around us – become even more distant, even more pronounced… remember to stay true to yourself. And by that I mean to follow your inner wisdom; your inner calling… no matter how uncomfortable or awkward you may find it.


I’m sure there are some whose personal beliefs may not sit well with family and friends; and you know what? That’s ok. This is the time to no longer buy into others negativity or agenda and to stand for what you believe in – because if you do that, you will retain a more balanced and open viewpoint. You will not feel dragged into the emotion of everything going on around you and in this world… and believe me, that will be a feat as certain things in our world come to pass. As these shifts in polarity; different camps, different views, different policies – will just get more and more pronounced.


Your job is to stay grounded in your neutrality of what you see on that 3D box in your living room, and to lift into your more expansive spiritual nature. Remind yourself of how your moment to moment experience is created and that you can choose how you would like to feel, by your thoughts. Keep them at a less linear/more expanded view, of your divine reason for being here at this time on Earth.


This is it guys, this is the biggie; the one you queued up for. The passionate energy of spirit that you chose to focus into human form. The world is ready for you and your own divinely guided wisdom at this time.

archangel_gabriel_oc_cards_page_07_0 (1).jpg




The picture on this card is very old school, almost Victorian; yet our cities classrooms have barely changed since then. It is then a stark reminder for us to not remain stuck in old belief systems, just because that’s the way it’s always been; or how it’s always been done. It is time now to shake up the system as you, yes you, are here to be a teacher.


There are many lifetimes worth of energy and knowledge that you bring down into this reality. And you have chosen to be one of the small percentage to walk this earth at this time, who are already awakened or awakening into their truth. 


More of you are needed on this planet and therefore it is your job to lead and teach. To remind others of what this experience is; one of a spiritual existence seen through the lense of our eyes and felt through the feelings of your heart, lived out through your physical body. 


Imagine, if you can, what your life would be like without a connection to the spiritual. Just simply the experience of the physical. Just think about that. That detachment from who you truly are. This may be unthinkable to you reading this, but to someone else completely normal. We do not know that which we do not know.


Without opening up to the wonder of what we can access; all that knowledge and wisdom and guidance from the bigger part of ourselves, will remain in spirit and the collective consciousness.


This type of disconnected existence leans towards believers and followers of whatever is convenient i.e. family and friend’s beliefs – or whatever information is pumped into the homes and minds of the individual, via non-stop streaming of what the powers that be decide to class as ‘newsworthy’.


It’s like being asleep or in hypnosis. So instead of putting people under, it is time to awaken them from that spell. This is something you are tasked with now.




Now isn’t this where we all get stuck; myself included! The card reminds us to pray for guidance. Whether prayer is part of your daily routine or not, I believe a concerted connection to spirit in whatever form, is invaluable at this time in human evolution.


Staying connected to that omnipresent, omniscient, glorious energy that is not tangible to the physical body but felt through the senses; is a connection that needs to be cultivated.


Whether this is the beginning of your journey consciously walking hand-in-hand with spirit on earth, or if you are a seasoned spiritual traveler, increasing motivation by doing what you love is essential.


As doing what we love puts us immediately into that higher state; one of joy, which is a perfect match to the divine. When we vibrate at that frequency, suddenly we are open to a plethora of information, ideas, messages, images and so much more.


From this expanded state we can see life in an equally expanded way. We no longer buy into ‘what is’ or ‘what has always been’. That was the product of yesterday’s thoughts of the collective consciousness. Our tomorrow can be different; and it will be if we are reaching for that feeling of love and joy, that feeling of gratitude and that feeling of working with energy which connects us all.


That energy need not be pointed to any particular source… just to making you happy. As the energy you emit from your place of deep unbridled joy, is one that beams out along the grid and will be met by others around the world doing the same.


We must take responsibility for ourselves and what energy we are accepting and transmitting.


Stay in commune with that part of you that is connected. Ask for guidance and stay in the best, most receptive state you can to receive all the motivation you could want and hope for. Once the fire of joy is burning you can spread your passion far and wide with very little effort at all.



So in summary guys; it seems that outwardly there is a lot that can take us off course next month, but with the intention of going inwards and upwards and connecting with the truth as much as possible, the guidance you receive will be invaluable to keeping you in a place of acceptance of what is and an understanding of what can be.


You are here at this time for a reason and you can make a difference.


Shine your light brightly and stay aware of the bigger and more powerful consciousness to which we all belong.



A final note of thanks to Doreen Virtue for creating the cards and sharing her wisdom.

Until next time...