Hello, and welcome… as this is the first post, I thought it best to start from the beginning!


Just a brief intro to tell you how the site got its name, because hey, what does the ointment jar mean anyway?


So, I’d been toying with the idea of starting a website for so long. I had studied many different ‘erapies and ‘ologies and had quite the amount of new additions to my spiritual tool box.


It was a gradual process as every step threw up another question that made me stop and think… should I do this? My ego jumping in time and time again to try to ‘re-correct’ my course back to normal. A life of procrastination when it came to my deep desire to serve others.


Because of this, my head and heart were subjected to many ups and downs… and varying degrees of bounce within the middle. I realized that I couldn’t choose between all these different modalities and that I also didn’t want to conform to any rigid rules set by another. This is when I realized I had to find ‘my’ way of doing things – to take everything that I had learned and use what served me best to make up part of my system. I decided to pick and choose from what I resonated with the most – every time is was a direct connection with spirit that got me.


I decided that I would focus on becoming a better, clearer and accurate channel. I devoted my time to learning how best to open up. I grounded and I cleared and I centered; and my connection became stronger, clearer and easier.


During a session with one of my mentors, a very high guide named Bast came through. She was a goddess in ancient Egypt and was known for having human and cat-like form; infact she is mostly portrayed as a feline… which is very interesting for an animal communicator with a particular affiliation to cats!


She asked me to research her a little to find a name my site could go by, as that was really one of my sticking points; which I went over and over again, allowing the confusion to stop me from moving forward. So off I went to research her and what I found was that she was initially the goddess or war (mmm, not exactly where I was hoping to go name-wise).


As I read further, it seems that as she matured and domesticated somewhat, she became known as the goddess of perfume as - wait for it - she was depicted in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics by ‘the ointment jar’. And so it was born…


In my mind, the ointment jar is here to serve by offering this inter-dimensional healing - from the highest most loving guides, angels and spirits to spirits here on Earth, housed within human and animal form.


I hope the words soothe you, and the deep vibration within my channel heals you.


When you feel the need to look at life’s ups and downs through a different lense, and from a wider more loving perspective, those of pure positive energy in spirit are here to help us.


So open up that jar, and dip your toe (or finger in) and allow the connection to rub over your wounds until you’ve forgotten they were ever there.


That is my mission; to hold this sacred place, to channel words of the most divine love and light and to channel through universal wisdom of a higher and brighter quality – to lift us up to a realm where anything is possible.


I hope you join me on this journey, for that is the key. Don’t look towards an end result, don’t dwell on the past; don’t fill your head full of noise, littered by endless thoughts.


Live here – in the moment - and by doing that, you too can allow room for new inspired thought to come through. This will guide you on your journey, and open you up to endless possibilities.


I am going to be posting guidance through blog posts, free channeled messages from my guides, as well as e-books, videos and mp3’s. I’m also opening up to personally channeling wisdom from your guides via mine in one-one-one sessions.


I’m excited! I hope you are too…