So… you think kids are the only ones who cite 'no network' when they don’t want to be contacted? Think again!


I have had a frantic week searching for one of my cats who seemingly disappeared. She went out early last Saturday morning and today, a week later, she is still no-where to be seen. Much worrying and searching has been going on during that time in our household. We have been posting on our local community facebook page, putting up posters and giving out flyers.


Oh, and did I mention, I am an animal communicator..? So, it’s particularly frustrating when you can’t connect with your own. I did everything that has worked for me to date. I cleared time. I did a quick check in – nothing. A formal connection – nothing. A meditative energetic connection – nothing.


I started doubting my own abilities… as we humans tend to do. I wondered if I’d lost the skill, if I’d done something to block it; was I too emotionally invested in this one to make a difference?


I bothered my other cat incessantly; asking her to make a connection for me and ‘let me know’ – funnily enough, I got nothing from her either! This was all becoming very strange.


I worked on balancing and realigning my energy centres. I sat in quiet contemplation. I felt I did everything within my power to cleanse myself, quiet my mind, and connect – with permission – to my sweet kitty.


I reminded myself of my own code of ethics. How I should trust what I get, follow through on any information given, never make demands and always, always ask permission. Check, check, check and more check!


The silence was getting louder and louder – so I had to accept that too. The positive was that I felt calm internally and took this as a sign that all was well. But why then was she not home relaxing in comfort? Instead, being outside in well over 100 degrees and sleeping rough?


I had kept my mentor abreast of developments, and all the techniques I was using to make contact; I felt I had hit a brick wall and so reached out for a formal session.


Waiting for the connection, I had all sorts running through my mind – until I heard Jill say ‘I’ve got her… she says she hasn’t got long – she’s busy!’… I had to laugh!


The next part was particularly interesting, as in response to questioning her about whether she had heard my calls, she presented herself wearing a space helmet and told Jill that she has indeed been blocking me.


Turns out she is apparently somewhere close by and looking to bring some other animals into my energy space to offer them help. She is with them and gaining their trust. She sees it as a mission and that if she connected with me, I would simply go and get her, and bring her back home.


I’ve had to make a promise to her, that if she allows me to connect, in return I do not grab her and force her back, should I see her on one of my nightly walks. Reluctantly, I agreed with the caveat, that if she is hurt or in trouble she checks in and leads me to her. She agreed.


Reflecting today, I was drawn to how very special we all are. We are all individuals within this great cosmos and even though we are connected at an energetic level; the part of us that is projected into whatever form we take, has indeed got free will.


Her spirit chose to help, to be out there; to sacrifice the comfortable life, in order to follow her instincts. And that’s exactly what it is - instinctual. The animal kingdom lives and dies by its instincts, so who am I to interfere? We are each here on our own spiritual path and unique journey. Having the freedom to complete that, or at least continue on a forward trajectory, is a gift we should all give ourselves and each other.


Until she returns, I will hold her in the light and send her my love. I will stay alert but not step in and alter the direction or purpose of her mission.


Oh, and my other cat… she just refused to talk to me until I asked her something other than ‘can you please contact your sister?’! I guess that can get a bit tiresome…


So I will spend this time, chewing the fat with my fur baby who’s relaxing next to me and officially celebrate when her wandering sibling comes home. Lots of cuddles all around!