Even though sometimes we feel it’s the hardest thing to achieve, it is in fact one of the easiest - once we let go. Once we let go of the denseness of fear, pain and worry. Once we suspend all those thoughts which add a heaviness to our reality.


Now, that it is an adjustment away from living mentally in the future (anxiety) and living mentally in the past (depression) with regards to negative or unwanted thinking. All we really have is this moment right now, then this one…  oh, and now this one!


We live in the moment now, without exception – for that is all we have. Even our future can only be experienced when it becomes our ‘now’, and coming to that understanding, that acceptance, will accelerate the trajectory of our thoughts to a more positive place.


Next time fear or overwhelm is taking hold, simply breathe and suspend thought - even if for just a few seconds. Stop the momentum and negative flow by being still. Do not force your happiness but simply give appreciation for what is; for the reality that has been created here on Earth. For the sun that wakes up our day, to the moon that lights up our night; a blue sky, the plants and trees that give us oxygen and the powerful oceans that sustain a whole eco-system, which we could not live without.


We all are privy to these ‘regular’ features here on a planet. There is enough beauty around us, wherever we are and whoever we may be, to stimulate a stream of gratitude for long enough to change the course of our thoughts and therefore the course of our reality.


If you don’t think it matters, or works; I challenge you to stop when you see something within nature, watch for the divine essence within it. Admire the fluidity with which it moves, grows and makes it way in this world. Without force, and always with divine timing - things work out.


We too go through seasons and so refrain from labelling each experience as exasperating, draining or just downright awful. With time, it will all become a memory and something we learnt from; because even the so called ‘bad’ experiences move us forward – knowing what we don’t want drives us to what we would prefer instead. Only our own efforts of repeatedly dwelling on what we don’t want keeps us stuck… as more of the same is magnetized.


Switch it up - give thanks… be happy now, in this moment.