We are all competing for energy.


Call it control, call it power…  whatever the label, it’s still energy… and we’re all competing for it.


From the biggest political stage to the smallest squabbles.


Just take a look at your own life… how does it feel when a friend, an acquaintance or someone you interacted regularly with stops talking to you?


You feel affronted, you feel empty, you feel wronged… what you feel is a loss of their energy. Good or bad, whether you liked that person or not.


Being ostracized from a group… can you imagine that feeling? Like the previous but x 10… Similarly, suddenly finding yourself accepted by a group (whether good or bad)… all that attention, all that energy. You suddenly feel like you belong right? Wrong… you are just high on the energy.


That sudden input is like being plugged in. That’s how people fall in with the wrong crowd, or are desperate to be with the ‘in-crowd’. But when that stops… oh how down you feel; bereft, lost and alone. When simply it is the energy depletion you are feeling.


Did you know there is another source? One that never ends. Is never depleted. And it is around us all the time.


Universal energy. It’s right there and waiting for you to align with it… to tap into it!


Let’s look at nature. Are all the different plants in your garden co-existing nicely, or is one draining the energy of the rest?


Look at birds in the sky… they communicate by tapping into this universal consciousness. Look how when one turns, they all turn – easily, effortlessly, never ever crushing their feathered friends or banging into their energy. There fly in harmony. This energy has become their energy and they are so full, they have created a mass consciousness between them. Operating in unison.


We too can do this.


Allow a quiet moment of reflection or meditation and simply breathe. Know that the universe is abundant and feel or see it streaming into your heart and creating a beautiful orb of golden white light that fills you up; balancing and lifting you, healing and protecting you. In that quiet space, allow yourself to listen, see or feel; allow yourself to be divinely guided.


Remember, as this light fills your vessel and you reach saturation point, it then pours out of you and touches people and places around the planet on it's way back to its universal source.


A circle. Infinite. Limitless. Omnipresent.


Make a commitment to your energetic well-being today.