As a first blog post of 2017, I thought I'd write a little nugget on my recent experience around the topic of giving something your all; and how maybe we're expecting from an attitude of complete commitment without actually giving it.

Yesterday, I had some truly difficult and uncomfortable feelings to process. I repeatedly went over the dilemma both internally and verbalizing it loudly; about how frustrating the situation was, about how I could do nothing to help whom it affected the most. I felt anger towards those that had seemingly created it and a feeling of hardship ensued.

Today I reflected again (come'on what's with me and all this reflection!) Seriously, I am someone who calls a spade a spade and generally leaves it at that, but I actually took my own advice and asked 'what can I and those it affected learn from the situation?'

Without the finer details, the overwhelming message was to give 100%. That without our total commitment and effort to any given task, we have no come back. If we can honestly say we gave something our all, our best shot - then you are never deserving of any criticism and nor should you berate yourself - simply accept.

If you didn't, then there's always a possibility things may not turn out exactly as hoped and planned.

Opportunities are for grabbing... and let's be clear, I'm not talking 'high achievers' here; you don't have to be the winner, in the top group, in the 'in crowd'... all you need to know is that you gave it everything you are capable of giving.

With that comes a feeling of completion, a wholeness, a sense of peace.

So when you're feeling hard done by, like the world is against you, or lady luck is not on your side; simply ask - did I give it everything? If yes, absolutely - then be at peace knowing there is something better out there for you.

If not, it's ok to assess - and if you come to the conclusion that it isn't really a goal or something you are interested in having after all, then let it go.

Let's all commit to a life we love, a life filled with joy and fantastic opportunities for growth. Yes, sometimes that is uncomfortable when someone or something shoves a mirror in your face and asks the question: did you give 100%? did you apply yourself to the best of 'your' ability? Sometimes you can only conclude you didn't. And whilst that's a tough pill to swallow, it is a great reminder to grab every opportunity you are presented with and shine.

Take your chances, give your all, and even reject it after if you don't really want it, but be in charge... positive, directed energy is so so powerful - and with that we can create anything!