Hello again!

Well, it's certainly shaping up to be a memorable month... and we're only half way through!

We have had a solar eclipse on the 1st of September, a lunar eclipse on the 16th of September - and three times to enjoy the 9 Energy within the 9th month of the year... phew!

Now I am not an astrologer by any means, but from my limited knowledge of numerology and guidance from my friend's in spirit, I have come to learn there is a deep significance to this month.

The 9 signifies the endings of a cycle; before reaching 10, which equates a 1... and off you go again.

This year of 2016 is a 9 year (all numbers added together). The month of September is a 9 month and three times this month we have the opportunity to shed that which no longer serves us: on the 9th, the 18th and next on the 27th. That's two down and one to go!

Add to that a new moon solar eclipse on the 1st September and a full moon lunar eclipse on the 16th, its' all getting quite intense!

So how are you doing..? Bearing up? Melting down?

I can tell you, with that level of activity and energy around the planet; each and every one of us will feel it personally; as well as witnessing it on a global scale.

The new moon started the month off, with thoughts ruminating about what is and what is not working for us. We feel it, and we question... it is unmistakable; something has to change, something has to give.

With a spectacular energy portal that opened up on the 9th of the 9th of the (2+0+1+6=9) 9th, we had the opportunity to really embrace what's positive and what no longer serves us,  and to get ready to release.

By the time the full moon in watery Pisces came around; whether you were ready to let go or not, something that needed the light to be shone on it - to be highlighted - would likely have made it's way to the surface. Pushing that along only two days later the second wave of 9/9/9 energy revealing more....

The world stage is playing this out quite spectacularly right now, in all its technicolor glory. And if I want to impart anything; it is not to get caught up in the drama. It is to be the observer. These things are meant to come up to be released. Those who do not see this need to shed the illusion; those who believe everything they are fed on main stream media, may battle against it. It may seem that you are watching a movie... there can be a sense of no longer thinking you belong or resonate with any part of what you are seeing.

From the perspective of us being on this planet, incarnate at this particular time; this is it. This is the big one. This is what souls were queuing up for. The moving and merging of energies as this planet makes its way from the 3rd, quickly through 4th into the 5th dimensional energies.

These scenarios simply cannot exist in that plane and that is why they must evolve or be left behind in the fear and alienation they are feeling. The yearning is for us to be one - to move away from the separateness and come together again. We are all connected; and this really is all an illusion.

The purpose of earthly experience is to expand; yet the fear and love polarized to this degree cannot co-exist harmoniously. This is no balanced yin and yang. These extremes will continue to happen, until, like a celestial slap-in-the-face - more people wake up to their real essence. That we are all source energy, living a physical life for this experience of choice and free will.

The angels did channel a short message through me particularly about the 9 energy of this month. I shared it a week ago, but feel compelled to return to the words as the energy peaks. Please take a moment to listen as they speak through me, and experience the energy within it.

You know; it need not be all doom and gloom and negativity. This cycle may remind you of what you want to do, who you want to be, how you want to feel, where you want to live... and this is your time to choose. Your time to really understand what the purpose of your life path is at this current moment and follow it.

You are being supported as change is exactly what is required at this time. I have actually picked up a few old hobbies I left behind, and am finally renovating at home. It is time for a change, and not all is unpleasant... but the knocking on the door is certainly getting louder and more urgent.

Stay focused, stay aware that what is playing out is a meshing of egos and energies that can no longer co-exist. There will be a release of these energies as they pull further and further apart (which I remember being said in my September 2016 forecast).

Understand that it is needed, even if not always pleasant... it is a ridding of out-dated energies which can no longer hold the planet back as it (and we on it) are ascending, whether we choose to embrace it or resist.

Ground yourself daily. Release and let go. Trust that you are taken care of. 

I look forward to hearing your experiences of these energies, and I'll be back with the October 2016 forecast very soon.