Short and sweet today...


When on the receiving end of negativity, I was reminded to stop and reflect as to why I’m feeling hurt by the actions of another. Why am I allowing this when I’ve come so far in understanding how we each create our own reality –  I should know better.


While unfortunate and sad… I’ve realized it is more so for the individual sending it out – as while I buy into their anger and pain, I feel it too. When I reject their energy and reassign a different meaning to my feelings, I start to feel better. I heal. It is somehow less important than before.


This may not be an instant cure but it does get easier.. it helps to readjust your energy and vibration little by little. Just like on the flight deck of a plane, small adjustments are made continually to keep it on course. With small self-adjustments on a continuous basis, you bounce back quicker each time, until one day - others comments just roll of your back. 


It is an on-going process, and one you can seemingly be reminded of at any age. Do not let angry looks, words, thoughts or feelings steal your happiness. You are worth so much more. Reject them as not being of you or belonging to you, and reclaim your own internal peace. It’s all inside.