Currently, there is much discussion around the globe following the UK’s vote to leave the EU.


I’ve been reading and listening, with the aim of getting behind the surface; behind the camps; behind the rhetoric, behind the supposed pros and cons.


What is really going on here?


This is a time in history, for a change in mass consciousness. Whether you like the result or not, it has to be noted there was much discontent for the referendum to come to pass in the first place. So, what was wrong then and what is allegedly wrong now? What is it people are searching for ultimately?


Really, think on that for a minute…. What is this ideal scenario that you are searching for?


What do you want? Not for current monetary policy, but for you… specifically? What did you come into this physical experience for? What do you hope to achieve in your life? I bet you it has nothing to do with EU legislation or being able to fly visa-free to Spain for your summer holidays.


We are all starting to wake up and these projected fears are just one of a multitude of layers of confusion. We have been asleep so long, we have forgotten how to think for ourselves... bar throwing a few insults back and forth between different camps about the state of the world.


We don’t even remember the process… we don’t know it’s possible.


What is happening within us at this moment, to think this thought? How does it happen?


There is a bigger pool of wisdom and truth folks. And it is all around us. We must learn to wake up and tap into this vast universal knowledge and allow new, fresh, insightful thoughts to come through.


This may take some steadying of our busy minds. This may take some quieting of the noise within (and without). This may take some contemplation, and perhaps a little research.


Many have tried to point us in that direction and yet, so many have been distracted. Now we are waking up regardless, leaving this confusion, this bewilderment… as the state of the world no longer sits with what is right within our hearts, within our very being.


We can feel the energy shifts whether we believe it or not. The average person knows something is coming, something big.


Our own personal consciousness is slowly awakening to the universal consciousness. The truth. The understanding that we, each one of us, can and does create our own reality moment to moment. With this thought, and the next, and the next.


It is so simple; it is almost unbelievable. How can there just be this stream of consciousness that we can all tap into. That simply requires our alignment – our undivided attention, without interruptions – and non-resistance.


It is there people. Just ask. Ask yourself; ask that part of you, that essence of yourself that never changes. Identify that by regaining a feeling or sense you get when you do something you love.


When you’re in the moment. That extreme contentedness. That happiness that warms your body. That state. Now ask – what are you here to do?


It is time to take back your own sovereignty, to to think for yourself and to seriously consider the implications of you as an individual not exercising the right to ‘think your own thoughts’.


It seems to me people are no longer willing to give over the minds, hearts and souls to another entity – and rightly so.


Wake up world… wake up from your slumber. Now is the time.


You are worth it people… whatever small contribution you have to give – give it.


Do what makes your heart sing, do what brings you joy – what creates that feeling of expansion. That is what you are looking for, because as your energy expands – energy from a heart-centered place – it will be met and mirrored by more.


That is how to build a useful movement. A movement that feels the energy of the world we live in. That thinks independently, loving and peaceful thoughts.


I guarantee your existence, your time on this earth was not meant to be one of drudgery, one of misguided allegiances, one of following blindly.


It may take some time, it may take your bravery; it may take a little re-training of your own mental faculties, but allow yourself to be set free.


This is the freedom you have all been looking for. It is within your own mind.


The bonus: once you start feeling it and your energy expands, it will attract more of the same to you… You will be drawn to others who think and feel like you. No longer following. Your heart will be on a path to expansion, doing what it is that best serves you.


This is what we want to achieve – us each giving back from the heart, whatever it is we have to offer – and freedom from having to feel, act or think in a way conducive to others' energy and not our own.


You have everything to gain from expanding your own energy. It benefits you; it benefits your family, your community – the world.


That is how you can give back.


Yes, there is a need to accept there is more to life than this current ‘outward’ reality. To ponder how this all came to be. To question why can one person be so ‘for’ something, and another so ‘against’. Even more interesting, how can one sway from one side to the other. It’s our thoughts… or is it?


Make sure the thoughts and therefore the reality you are buying into are really your own.


For a long time, I thought I liked and wanted certain things in my life. I thought I had certain agendas, allegiances. I didn’t. I was caught up in the voice of others; family, friends, media. It was their thoughts that I chose to adopt as my own.


It’s not until you clear the noise, the non-stop bombardment from ‘out there’ that you can focus on ‘in here', and allow your own unique skills and gifts to be guided by a more expanded thought process.


Remember to connect in before any decision. You are not here to solely please others. You are here to live and experience your truth. To grow. To expand. To live in love and joy… And here’s the rub, if you truly come from that balanced heart-centered perspective, your decision will be good for everyone.