Animal Communicator’s Code of Ethics

I solemnly and spiritually promise to hold myself accountable to the tenets of animal communication described herein.


I will always communicate with animals from a place of love and understanding.

I will always seek the best and highest good when communicating with animals.

I will always speak with kindness and respect to the human friends and family whose animals I am permitted to communicate with.

I will always respect the bounds of privacy and confidentiality.


I will always ask for permission before tuning in to animals.

I will always welcome animals’ perspectives, interests, and tastes without judgment or rejection.

I will always honor the promises I make to animals.

I will always respect animals’ free will.


I will always offer gratitude to the animals who cross my path, even when I cannot immediately recognize their messages and lessons for me.

I will always remain grateful for the ability to communicate with animals in whatever capacity I am able to do it.


I will always remember that my ability to communicate with animals is a gift bestowed upon me that can be taken away at any time.

I will always take care to protect both myself and the animals with whom I communicate.

I will always honor and trust the messages I receive, even when I do not receive any at all.