Having always had a strong affinity to angels, I found myself wanting to delve deeper to strengthen this connection, and trained in many varied disciplines over the last 15 years.

I became a Reiki Master, Reflexologist, EFT Practitioner, Master Practitioner of NLP, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™, Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Intuitive card reader... and then some - yet it still didn't give me that true connection I was looking for... that deep connection to spirit, that inner peace. I felt I was still searching 

Reflecting on what I had learned, I realized there was a constant thread running through my life - one of intuition, empathic experiences and a certain knowing... of things I couldn't or shouldn't have known anything about. This had been with me all my life, I had never need to obtain a certificate in how to do this. It was in-built - innate.

These abilities had guided me through life; through good and bad... and I had never questioned the information I got - not once. There was a certain peacefulness whenever I connected with this deep wisdom, and a realization that I was open to an infinite source - and tapping into it. 

I decided to cultivate this by grounding and aligning my energies; by centering with high vibrational energies, clearing and disconnecting from lower energies and by regularly calling on and talking with my angelic guides and supporters. By trusting and simply allowing.

Now as I connect, I ask for messages that will uplift, encourage and give a wider perspective - one that shifts our focus onto a more meaningful existence.

For me, it's an exhilarating and conversely peaceful experience. It accompanies a feeling of total serenity. It's my mission to hold this sacred space for those who seek it and bring this divine light through. 




Marina’s distant reading and channeling has given me much truth and peace. She truly connected with my spirit guides and angels and brought me their detailed answers to my questions. Her channeling has allowed me to move forward confidently, trusting the path I have chosen to pursue. I am forever grateful to Marina for the messages and assistance I received. I highly recommend her services and look forward to working with Marina in the future.
— Jillian
I’ve had many readings with different mediums and channels, but none has been as accurate and clear as those with Marina. All of them had given me unique insight about my career and my spiritual work. She really commits to deliver transparent and precise information that serves for the highest good. Not only she’s a trustable reader but a lovely woman with a deep sense of integrity and service. I highly recommend a session with her if you’re looking for healing, clarity and empowerment in your life.
— Siret
Thank you Marina! Your reading makes a lot of sense to me. You referenced a few points which no one really knew about and it touched my heart. Your reading gave me hope as well as it reminded me that we are not alone and we can always ask for help. You helped me to see the situation from a different perspective and I value that. I will definitely recommend your reading to those who seek clarity or guidance on their journeys. Thank you again.
— Alex
Marina is not only a gifted medium, but also a compassionate, caring woman. I know this based on interacting with her and sharing very personal issues with her about family and my life’s purpose. My reading was detailed and insightful. I came away from the reading feeling quite inspired and very gratified. She’s wonderful at what she does.
— Cheryl
As I reread what you wrote, paragraph by paragraph, you are describing our dynamics to a T! It’s incredible how well you have channeled our essence, not only in our relationship to each other but our individual outward and inward expression to life. Thanks to you, Chamuel, and Zadkiel for your love and kindness and beautiful insights!

You are amazing, thank you!
— Sophia
Tuesday morning I received a beautiful gift.......I sent a question to Marina regarding the last visit with my Grammie. Tuesday would have been my Grammie’s 99th birthday and it was the day I was guided to launch my website. I thought about Marina and later in the day I received a channeled message from her. The message is beautiful, tears streaming as I read the words and receiving on such a special day was beyond words. I was plagued with thoughts for months regarding our last visit and Marina’s message brought comfort to my heart. Thank you Marina for the most beautiful gift, I am very grateful.
— Cathy
Marina’s Channeling Reading synchronistically came just at the right time in my life. I needed to have feedback about a common venture with a friend of mine from home, as I was experiencing doubts and going trough a prolonged period of self questioning.
I must say that the entities provided in depth insight yet without ‘fatalistic’ notes, and simply just confirmed my direction and provided guidance on what to focus the energy on. It was amazingly accurate in pointing out areas where I felt ambiguity and reassured me I was on the right path.

Another amazing thing about the reading is that every time I re-read it, it added value to the insights - like it was evolving with my comprehension of it and the overall situation.
I would definitely recommend Marina’s amazing gift as a great tool for guidance, in times when you feel “stuck” in limbo or just need reassurance you have not been ‘side tracked’.
— Aleksandra